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CB2 micro hardware
All topics related to the CB2 micro hardware. Hardware updates, extensions etc.
CB2 micro software
All topics related to the CB2 micro software. Programs, games, firmware etc.
Things related to hardware and software development for the CB2 micro
Message board information/rules
This forum is a common place to discuss and share ideas and things that we do with the CB2 micro.

Register in it to be informed about updates on the CB2 micro, made by the creators, but also from other people that already own the micro.

All messages in this forum are shared and emailed to all others, like a mailing list. So post here when you have some news to share or ask something (not just say Hi, so as not to spam people). That way, we can all be informed about each others news. Let's keep the forum clean and comprehensive.
For person-to-person and "Hi" messages, there is a private message area.

Thank you all for joining this community!
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